Achieve Operational Excellence With Ease

Streamline your workplace operations like never before with better process tracking, improved task planning and robust employee management.

Bid farewell to complex administrative tasks and build a simplified organization management for greater visibility with Yellodesk!

Basic Features Overview

  • Employee Directory
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Leave Management
  • Announcement Board
  • Department Management
  • Resignation/Termination Tracking
  • Payroll Management

Leave Management

Effectively handle employee leave requests, track leave balances, and enforce company policies. Yellodesk offers a user-friendly platform for employees to request leave and for managers to approve requests promptly.

Attendance Tracking

Efficiently monitor employee attendance, track work hours, and maintain accurate records. Yellodesk provides automated systems for real-time tracking, simplifying attendance management for businesses.

Resignation/Termination Tracking

Manage employee departures, handle resignation processes, and ensure smooth transitions. Yellodesk facilitates documentation of resignation reasons, conducts exit interviews, and securely manages termination procedures.

Payroll Management

Streamline payroll processes, calculate salaries, and manage tax deductions with precision. Yellodesk's payroll management system automates calculations, generates accurate payslips, and ensures timely payments, reducing administrative workload and errors.


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